A Return To Mono Burn

Before I go any further, I want to first take the opportunity to say a massive personal thank you to Richard Morin (better known in Solforge circles as Outrageous B+) and his team of testers who put in a lot of hard work on Tuesdays’ card rebalance. Between asking for input in a lot of places, compiling the data, sifting, changing, trying and testing, and all without any actual real-world remuneration. Magic and Hearthstone may have the bigger fan bases, but they don’t hold a torch to SolForge fans. Good job, it is definitely appreciated! For a complete list of the final changes, you can find it here. Needless to say, I have had a little fiddle with some of the tweaked cards; after several years of saying I should I have made a few attempts to build a deck with the newly-buffed Forge Guardians. They haven’t yet made it past goldfish testing, but hopefully I’ll have a Just For Funsies soon…

And so we come now to today’s deck. With the recent nerfing of the two most aggressive strategies and a few select control staples hit, now is an exciting time to be deck building. And what better time to retry an oldie from way back when- Mono Tempys Burn.

Mono Tempys Burn

Ashurian Flamesculptor x 2

Master of Elements x 3

Flamebreak Invoker x 3

Flameshaper Savant x 3

Burnout x 2

Draconic Echoes x 1

Everflame Aura x 2

Firestorm x 2

Flame Lance x 2

Ice Grasp x 3

Ritual of the Elements x 2

Shatterbolt x 2

Static Shock x 3

Harkening back to the summer of 2015 and the release of Solforge’s sixth set, Darkforge Uprising, this deck is a more creature-based Burn deck with more of a control feel rather than the aggro that we have become accustomed to. It took over the queues for a while, but a slight nerfing of Ice Grasp and the rise of aggro Burn pushed it out into the long grass, where it languished all this time. It is also the poster boy for adding maximum value to your cards.

The basic game plan is to spend the first rank levelling up your ‘Sculptors, MoEs and Savants as much as possible, whilst preferably not playing any spells (other than the spells that don’t level- Burnout, Ice Grasp and Ritual). Then once you hit rank two, you reap the rewards. By this point you would hope to have at least one Grasp in play (possibly even more), which adds face damage to all of your spells. Any Invokers add sweeper damage for your opponents’ board. The Savants add targeted face or creature damage to your under-level spells (which should be all of them). And speaking of under-level spells, ‘Sculptors, MoEs and Shocks get you extra plays each turn, which in turn means extra value each turn.

The spells themselves are a lot of two-ofs, to try and cover your bases. Burnout is the highest damage individual burn spell at level 1, and the overload thins the deck. Everflame Aura gives you the choice of creature burn or mobility tricks for your creatures. Firestorm is the best Tempys board wipe. Shatterbolt deals with troublesome armour decks. Since its release, Flame Lance has been a staple in both limited and constructed just for the sheer amount of total damage, split between board and face. And finally, Ritual provides the body that decks need without sacrificing the spell count. It also has the added advantage of not levelling up, so you will always be able to find an under-level spell.

In theory, this deck should be able to hold its own against a lot of decks. But there are two that will probably cause problems if they appear a lot- Voltron/Grow Tall and aggro Burn. You have a good variety of burn spells, and between them and your creatures you should be able to deal with most creature decks. But nothing will work if you are staring down the barrel of a loaded L3 Chrogias or Iron Maiden, or an Oros with Cypien Experimentation or Aegis Wings. If you do find yourself facing a lot of these decks, consider swapping out Firestorm and/or Everflame Aura and bringing in Spiritcleave and Death Current. You lose some of the Grasp/Savant synergy, but they still work with MoE and will nicely stop the big beasties. Against the Burn decks you should swap in Wipe Clean in place of the Firestorms. Just remember to try and hold off on your own Grasps until after you Wipe; but having said that, you do still have Savants in the deck should you have to sacrifice your own Grasps, and they don’t have overload- they’ll be back…

Well, all that remains now is to actually go forth and ladder with the deck. Feel free to try the deck yourselves and let me know what you think. And until next time, I’ll see you in the queues!

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